Città di Segrate


Segrate is a Municipality in Milan metropolitan area, close to Milan on east. It is 17,49 sqkm wide, it has 35.234 inhab. Segrate is a recent settlement that grew from the sixties of the XX century from a rural origin. Segrate has mostly a residential destination and some tertiary excellences. The city was designed by separated neighborhoods, some of which with a very high quality of urban fabric and architecture. In Segrate there is a very strong presence of wide scale infrastructures: the Forlanini Airport (Linate), three multimodal logistic centers, high speed train lines, last-mile highway that connect east Lombardy with Milan.

Milano 2 is one of the cited neighborhoods that is close to OSR (part of OSR is in Segrate Municipalty, part is in Milan Municipality). The territorial division of the neighborhoods, together with the high level of public services equipment and their isotropic distribution in the different neighborhoods, are robust reasons to deploy the optimization of supply and demand analyzed in OSR into a real city context. 

Main tasks and relation to the proposal

Segrate Municiaplity is involved in WP6, WP7, WP8, WP9 and the contribution is mainly oriented in two basic fields:

  • Urban analysis and data collecting for scalability of the energy island project
  • Dissemination and Exploitation activities of obtained results.