Clean Energy Innovative Projects is a private equity fund, bringing new innovative technologies to demonstration level in an operational and commercial environment. CEIP showcases the integration of new sustainable technologies and services like ‘Riotherm’ (Energy recovery from municipal sewer systems) , ‘Laminaria’ (Renewable energy generation from sea waves) and DuCoop. As the initiator of the project cooperation DuCoop, CEIP helps demonstrating business models for decentral residential wastewater treatment with integration of other sustainable technologies, including low-temperature district heating, resource-and water recovery and smart energy control systems (storage and demand management).

CEIP’s main activities in the RENergetic project are managing and operating the demosite in Ghent. Based on the existing sustainable energy (renewable energy and industrial waste heat) and data-infrastructure, CEIP will try to optimize the local energy system and involve the residents in the Renewable/Citizen energy community.