Energie Kompass


Energie Kompass GmbH has been established by Ing. Andreas Schneemann, MSc. in 2013. As an innovative, service oriented company located in Stegersbach in South-East Austria with a strong focus on the intelligent utilization of renewable energy sources it offers energy and mobility solutions for companies, regional and communal stakeholders and private households. We provide consulting and engineering services for the usage of climate-friendly, sustainable energy sources such as solar power, photovoltaic, wind energy in combination with intelligent building management systems to reduce energy consumption and improve the ecological footprint of our customers. 

Innovation, research and development is also a core topic in Energie Kompass’ operations with it being the hosting organization of the Innovation Lab, a living lab initiative that is also supported by 10 adjacent municipalities. The goal of the innovation lab is the development of innovative, cross-sectoral system solutions for integrated renewable energy systems that can be easily replicated all around Europe. Main activities include research and innovations in the fields of PV – self consumption, renewable energy communities, sector coupling in regional energy systems and e-Mobility solutions.

Main tasks and relation to the proposal

Energie Kompass GmbH is responsible for the replication of the results and solutions from the pilot regions and collaborate on the process of templating the relevant procedures. The innovation lab region (10 municipalities in south-east Austria) will be used to to replicate the outcomes from the pilot sites of the project and elaborate templates and procedures for duplicating and scaling of the results.