Ensure a high replication potential of the RENergetic solution across Europe with a special focus on the opportunities offered by local energy island communities

Metrics & KPIs

  • A list of the main legal obstacles handled in the pilot projects, integrated in a timeline
  • A list of major possible legal obstacles under the energy legislation, combined with possible mitigation measures
  • A list of major administrative obstacles in establishing energy communities with possible mitigation measures
  • A publication containing feedback and recommendations to the revised Renewable Energy Directive
  • A maturity map of selected EU member states with regards to the economic and regulatory framework of the deployment and usage of large-scale solution
  • Application of the generic cost-benefit framework to at least two replication candidates.
  • The RENergetic Replication package consisting of a set of guidelines for setting up energy communities specifically with regards to promising combinations of infrastructure conditions and target groups, typical business models and value networks
  • Cooperation and exchange with at least 2 other European projects