Poznan University


Poznan University of Technology arose from Higher School of Machine Construction, which was founded in 1919. PUT boasts a century of experience in educating highly qualified engineers and researchers in many areas. Currently, PUT has nearly 16.000 students in 9 faculties: 

  • Faculty of Architecture
  • Faculty of Control, Robotics and Electrical Engineering
  • Faculty of Computing and Telecommunications
  • Faculty of Civil and Transport Engineering
  • Faculty of Materials Engineering and Technical Physics
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Energy
  • Faculty of Engineering Management
  • Faculty of Chemical Technology

Education is provided in 33 fields of study out of which 7 in first-cycle and 12 in second-cycle are given entirely in English.

Poznan University of Technology is the best technical university in the Wielkopolskie voivodeship in western Poland. PUT is the third most frequently chosen university in Poland, as up to six candidates competed for a place there. Poznan University of Technology (PUT) is among the best technical universities in Poland. PUT was the first Polish university to become a member of CESAER – Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering Education and Research – a European organization which brings together all the best technical universities. It is also a member of SEFI – Societé Européenne pour la Formation des Ingenieurs, EUA – European University Association, ADUEM – Alliance of Universities for Democracy as well as IAU – International Association of Universities.

Main tasks and relation to the proposal

Poznan University focuses on the development of energy island in the Warta Campus, waste heat reuse, water loop optimisation, cooperation of PV and heat pumps.
PUT will be the leader of WP5 (Task 5.1 and Task 5.4) and will contribute also for WP2, WP3 and WP8 in the field of Energy island replicability together with Veolia.