Seeburg Castle University


Seeburg Castle University (SCU) in Seekirchen, Austria is a research-oriented university. Not far from Salzburg, the university offers bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes in business administration, sports and event management and business psychology as well as a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in General Management. This programme is complemented by a doctoral programme in Innovation & Creativity Management. The university’s strength is in preparing students to take on leadership roles in business, academia, and society.


In the four defined research foci Creativity and Innovation, Economic Decision Making, Relational Career Research and Marketing and Sport, the Private University Schloss Seeburg strives for research achievements with international visibility. Research results are published in internationally leading journals, presented at conferences recognised in the scientific community and, if possible, funded with qualified third-party funds. In these areas, the university cooperates intensively with national and international publication-oriented scientists from other universities and supervise publication-oriented doctoral theses. Its international profile is characterized in particular by its achievements in the economic and social sciences


The close cooperation within the team of colleagues, which includes business economists, economists and psychologists, favours an interdisciplinary orientation of research activities. In this way, SCU prepares the students in fields such as business administration, business psychology and sports and events management to develop into the leaders of tomorrow.