University of Ghent


Ghent University participates in RENergetic with 3 research teams.

The AI for Smart Grids (AI4SG) research team, part of IDLab (a core research group of Ghent University and imec) focuses on data analytics and machine learning for smart grid applications. This includes research on the clustering of load patterns, identification of flexibility in demand patterns of smart appliances, appliance identification via non-intrusive load monitoring and the design of self-learning, scalable control algorithms for demand response services.

The techno-economic research team, also part of IDLab, applies a multi-disciplinary approach to provide evidence-based responses to the socio-economic impact of technological innovations and policy challenges. The team uses qualitative and quantitative methodologies, taking into account the uncertainty caused by the involvement of multiple stakeholders, the dynamicity of uptake and pricing, and boundary conditions, such as specific policy, geographic and demographic characteristics.

The Centre for Environmental and Energy Law is a research group within the Department of European, Public and International Law. The energy law section of the research group has built a specific expertise around a.o. decentralised energy production, demand side management, energy efficiency regulation and the legal framework for offshore wind and interconnection.