Pavia University


The University of Pavia is one of the world’s oldest academic institutions, with its foundations existing as early as the 9th Century.  It is a multidisciplinar University with 18 Departments and 9 Faculties, with totally 23.500 students, 1.500 international students, 1.000 professors, and totally 2.700 employees among professors, lecturers, native language teachers and administrative staff.

The Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture is made of three main scientific sections: one related to Architecture and Territory, one related to Hydraulics, one related to Structural Engineering.

UPLab – Urban Project Laboratory – is a research and teaching laboratory in Architecture and Territory section. UPLab’s researches are related to territorial urban phenomena and planning tools and, at the same time, it carries out scientific consultancy on environmental and urban planning issues. In UPLab currently are working: 2 Professors (Eng. Roberto De Lotto, Arch. Tiziano Cattaneo), 1 Researcher (Eng. Arch. Elisabetta Maria Venco), 2 PhD Candidates (Eng Arch. Caterina Pietra, Dott. Rakan Bahaswshan) 1 Postdoc (Eng. Susanna Sturla).

In RENergetic project UPLab is involved in WP9 and in particular to develops Marketing material and website and dissemination and communication activities.

Main tasks and relation to the proposal

University of Pavia is involved in WP6, WP7, WP8, WP9 and the contribution is mainly oriented in two basic fields:

  • Urban analysis and data collecting for all Pilot ad Replication sites
  • Dissemination and Exploitation activities, leader of the Dissemination activities (Task 9.2)