Veolia Energia Poznań


Veolia Energia Poznań deals with cogeneration of system heat and electricity and manages the district heating network. It supplies system heat to approximately 60% inhabitants of the city, as well as industrial plants, public institutions, as well as shopping centres and services. Veolia Energia Poznań continues a 115 – years – long tradition of energy production in Poznań and 50-year-long history of the district heating network, offering its clients innovative and tailored energy services. It employs 783 people.l

Apart from Poznań manages heating systems in 34 towns in following voivodships: Wielkopolskie, Kujawsko-Pomorskie and Lubuskie. While following the assumptions of the Group’s sustainable development policy, the Company develops and implements innovative energy efficiency solutions that are optimal for the environment and local communities.

Veolia Energia Poznań is the owner of about 700 km of water and steam networks in Poznań and Wielkopolska and operates there almost 6000 heat substations.

The company holds licenses for the production, trade and distribution of heat and electricity.

Is the owner and the operator of Karolin CHP – the basic heat source for the Poznań ‘s district heating network and a significant source of electricity transferred to the National Power System. It uses high-efficiency cogeneration technology – simultaneous generation of heat and electricity. Total capacity of Karolin CHP: 842 MWt; hydraulically: 740 MWt and 274 MWe.


Characteristics of the Poznań’s heat district network

Heating substations, as elements constituting the connection between the heating network and receiving installations in buildings, are part of the district heating system operated by Veolia Energia Poznań S.A. This company exploits heat supply substations for the needs of central heating and domestic hot water preparation as well as for technological needs and ventilation.

All substations are equipped with:

  • weather automation,
  • telemetry for reading measuring systems,
  • the ability to control from the level of the Energy Management Center and read operating parameters – in about 2500 substations of Veolia.

The heating system supplies heat to consumers from the area of Poznań, which are divided according to the following categories:

  • single-family buildings 1%
  • multi-family buildings 56%
  • public facilities 18%
  • commercial services and commerce 20%
  • industry 5%

Main tasks and relation to the proposal

VEOLIA focuses on receiving heat from renewable energy source to the heating system of the city of Poznań with the Islands of Tourism on the Warta Campus and distributing this heat through the heating network to other users.
Together with PUT, Veolia will cooperate in the WP7, and WP8.1, WP8.2 packages in the field of energy island duplication and applied solutions.