WP5 Results

Pilot site 2: Poznan – Warta Campus

The Work Package 5 works on cooperation of the main stakeholders: the University (PUT) managing various buildings with high energy demands, owner of a data center (PSNC) located nearby the campus, and heat grid operator (Veolia) that deliver heat in Poznan.

WP5 has the following objectives:

  • Detailed analysis of technical, legal, and economical actions needed to build an energy island;
  • Design of the heat re-use infrastructure connecting buildings, waste heat sources, and district heating network;
  • Development of simulation models of waste heat re-use system to evaluate and optimize management of renewable heat and electricity;
  • Local Demand Side Response including heat;
  • Development of components for monitoring of energy island infrastructure elements (e.g., BMS, heat pumps, PV systems) and data aggregation in a database;
  • Analysis of data and building prediction models for energy demand and supply within the energy island;
  • Community building;
  • Evaluation of results with respect to project KPIs.


So far, the following results have been achieved:

  • Final and detailed definition of project epics and user stories based on requirements, available data and WP3 development;
  • Integration of the pilot online data acquisition system (from the pilot buildings and data center) with WP3 databases and tools;
  • Collection of data from selected PUT buildings (with additional required variables and changes of setpoints);
  • Carrying out experiments in dormitories;
  • Application of prediction models of electrical energy consumption to the pilot online data;
  • Customization of the public dashboard (Interactive GUI) to the PSNC requirements and integration with online data;
  • A concept and analysis of the heat re-use system connecting a data center, university buildings and the district heating operator;
  • Heat Demand Response epic detailed definition, analysis, algorithm design and development planning.