BRIDGE – Horizon 2020

On 2nd of March will be presented RENergetic Project in BRIDGE.

During the 2021 BRIDGE GENERAL ASSEMBLY, with an audience of over 200 virtual atendees, RENergetic was presented as well as other 21 transformation projects. 

The goal of BRIDGE is to create a structured view of cross-cutting issues which are encountered in the demonstration projects and may constitute an obstacle to innovation. BRIDGE is an initiative from the EC which unites Horizon 2020 projects (Smart Grid, Energy Storage, Islands, and Digitalisation), and is divided in 4 Working Groups.

RENergetic had representation on each of the 4 WG, being:

  • Regulation WG was represented by DI Michael Niederkofler from Energy Kompass.​
  • Business Models WG was represented by Marlies Van der Wee from Ghent University.​
  • Consumer and citizen Engagement WG was represented by Sonja Klingert from University of Mannheim.
  • Data Management WG was represented by Eduardo Vendrell from Inetum.


During the event, we learnt that the EC is working on the action plan of digitalization of the Energy Systems directive.​ They are also working hard on the revision of the energy efficiency directive as well as the renewable energy directive which will be part of the so called fit-for-55 package which should be adopted summer this year​. Hopefuly, things will be more clear in the upcoming months.

The conclusions of the BRIDGE assembly were: 

  • On the data management WG, we learnt that BRIDGE is working on a user-case repository (host within EIRIE platform), with the goal of simplifying and homogenising the definition of use cases for users with different background, yet we have to study if this fits RENergetic.
  • On the business models WG We learnt that this was inactive since mid-2019. But, a big need of re-activating the BM WG was identified, due to the fact that Business Model definition is a requirement in H2020 and HE calls. They will focus common BM challenges and synergies among BRIDGE projects.
  • Regarding Consumer and Citizen Engagement WG, we learnt that it is a WG that support most of the projects, and there is a lot of interest on the experiences learnt by other projects in the past. In this WG 5 topics have been identified: socio-economic drivers of engagement, group building, governance and organisational models, assessment of engagement, and smart tools.
  • And last but not least, on the Regulation WG, we learnt that they will get in touch with all the new projects to know about what topics each project is interested in, regarding regulatory matters.


Next steps are to study the list of participants of BRIDGE and see which ones we can develop synergies with.

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