Building of the Faculty of Architecture at PUT as real nZEB

The near-zero-energy building (nZEB) of the Faculty of Architecture (WAWIZ) at Poznan University of Technology was commissioned in mid-2020. The first year of operation fell during the most severe period of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, it has now been possible to collect and analyze data for the first year of energy consumption and production for the WAWIZ building, which is not disturbed by the Covid-19 restriction. From March 2021 to February 2022, the building required 139 MWh of electricity for heating, ventilation and air conditioning and 63 MWh for lighting. However, it produced 201 MWh from PV installed on the roof during the same period. The building has 15,138 square meters of floor space. This shows that the building consumed only 0.07 kWh/m2/year during the year. This clearly shows that it meets the energy requirements set for it. Such electricity consumption, under Polish conditions, means CO2 emissions of 49gCO2/m2/year. This building is an important research facility in our project, as it is between it and the neighboring Chemical Technology Teaching Center that there is a pipe connection that allows heat transfer between the two and will be used for heat recovery analyses.

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