’Energy Community game’

As part of the RENergetic project meeting in Segrate (Milan, Italy), a citizen engagement event was carried out. The goal of this event was to better understand the visions people have about their local energy transition. A gamified approach was chosen to both engage the community to interact with the project and learn more about their priotities in local energy actions. This was enabled through an ’Energy Community game’, which was set up on a large scale on several boards and played on the public square of the city for several hours with interested passers-by. The game enabled decisions along four different aspects:

-Different actors, asking with whom people would organize their local energy transition together;

-Different roles, learning more about how people would participate;

-Ways of implementations, which refers to the types of actions people would support;

-Motivators, asking why people would take part;

Several options were suggested and a voting system enabled people to set priorities and vote for (potentially more than one) factor. We were supported by local project partners to ensure a good communication with participants and possibilities for questions. Additionally, a ’children event’ happening at the same square and as well organized by the local project group supported to attract people into participation.

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