Introducing RENergetic Physical Installations

With the following resources, we are happy to present the RENergetic Physical Installations (PI), which serve as both visual representations of the EI concept and effective communication supporters. We will explore the idea behind RENergetic PIs and how they can be replicated and customized to suit various locations.

Visualizing the EI Concept: RENergetic PIs are physical places and artifacts strategically located within districts to visually represent the EI concept. These installations play a dual role, acting as both communication opener and meeting place. They provide a low-threshold access point for individuals to learn about the EI concept, exchange ideas, and foster a sense of community.

Adjustable and Customizable Design: One of the remarkable aspects of the RENergetic PI is its adjustable and customizable design, which enables replication in diverse locations. It can be displayed outdoors, with weather-proof characteristics, but can also be adapted for indoor settings, thanks to its adjustable size. The RENergetic modular design PI offers a flexible solution. It consists of a core module that serves as the foundation, allowing for the addition of various features. By combining these different modules, an array of installations in different sizes can be created. This modular approach empowers local initiatives and energy communities to customize the installations according to their specific requirements and preferences.

Replicating and Implementing RENergetic PIs: To facilitate the replication process, a step-by-step guide and an instruction video have been developed. These resources provide a comprehensive view of the implementation and construction process, making it easier for individuals and communities to replicate the installations. The guide outlines the necessary materials, construction techniques, and considerations for both the traditional physical installation and the modular design PI. Through their modular design and community-driven implementation, RENergetic PIs empower individuals and energy communities to actively engage with the EI concept, fostering a sense of belonging and community identity.

For more background information and details of the PI approach, see also: D2.1

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