Master Degree Thesis at University of Pavia about energy islands in urban context

On Friday, June 11 2021, two candidates Luca Bellasio and Clarissa Romeo had the Thesis defense of their Master Degree in Building Engineering and Architecture and they got both the title of Engineer and Architect valid in Europe.

The two thesis were developed according to RENergetic goals and they analyzed possible design scenario in Segrate Municipality (one of REnergetic Pilots).

Luca Bellasio’s thesis title is: “Valutazione e ottimizzazione degli aspetti urbanistico-edilizi per le comunità energetiche” – “Evaluation and optimization of city planning and building issues for energy communities”; Clarissa Romeo’s thesis title is: “Pianificazione urbana e fabbisogno energetico: un’isola energetica a Milano 2” – “City planning and energy needs: an energy island in Milano 2”.

As President of the Master Degree in Building Engineering and Architecture of the University of Pavia, Prof. Roberto De Lotto, who was the Tutor of the two students, is extremely proud of the work they made and he hopes to extend the interest and awareness about these issues.

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