Our RENergetic colleague, Professor Herman de Meer, was interviewed for the German TV channel Dar Erste, in which he talked about RENergetic and some of the technologies related to our project

A large scale integration of renewable energy sources into our electricity system calls for a drastic qualitative change of the whole operation of the power system. In addition to mere electrical energy, system services must be comprehensively provided by renewable sources by means of *smart converters with integrated storage components*. This implies a complete departure from the centralized control of the power system based on synchronous generators towards a decentralized system based on *power electronics interfaced smart converters* within an *active distribution grid*.

In addition, it implies an empowerment and system-relevant responsibility of participating prosumers, leading to *active energy communities* as part of the critical infrastructure.

Both aspects are covered in a complementary way within our Horizon 2020 projects EASY_RES and RENergetic.You can watch the full interview here:

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