Virtual Energy Island Laboratory – Evaluating the RENergetic System with Hardware-in-the-loop simulation

The energy-lab at the RENergetic partner University of Passau is a perfect match to the RENergetic project. It allows to test algorithms and control strategies on real behavior of power electronics using hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation without interfering with the operation at the pilot sides. This enables to perform what-if studies on different scenarios before experiments are deployed in real-life in the pilots. Furthermore, the virtual pilot setup in the energy-lab is connected to the RENergetic software solution, which demonstrates the easy replicability and wide range of connection capabilities of the RENergetic platform.

The laboratory setup consists of specialized hardware to simulate the power system in real-time. This allows, among others, to monitor the voltage levels in the power system of the Energy Island, as well as system frequency and grid losses. Two smart converters, which provide real controller hardware of future smart inverters, are connected to the power grid simulation in the energy-lab. This controller boards allow to perform many ancillary service relevant for the power grid and implement standardized communication protocols. Finally, OpenEMS – an open source local energy management system – acts as a gateway between the smart converter and the cloud-based RENergetic software solution.

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