What is RENergetic?

The RENergetic team has produced a video that perfectly explains what our project is all about, its objectives and the expected outcome of it. Please, don´t hesitate to contact us if you would like us to give you a more detailed view about our amazing project.


“The use of renewable energy sources and the optimization of the consumption is becoming more and more important as the challenges of climate change arise. Not only as part of policies implemented at country level but also something for smaller communities to benefit from. This is where RENergetic comes in.

With the goal of decarbonizing Europe in mind, RENergetic, an EC-funded project, seeks to demonstrate the viability of so-called ‘urban energy islands’.

With the involvement of their inhabitants, eEnergy islands seek to achieve the highest possible degree of self-sustainability with regards to its energy demand, be it electricity, heat or water through a better usage of local energy resources. local At the same time, an urban energy community urban could become an active player in the energy sector by offering ancillary services to the public.

The project is being developed in 3 pilots, very different from one other:
New Docks, a residential area in Ghent – Belgium, works on the Integration towards a full and sustainable smart renewable energy system, including PV, waste heat and water recovery, as well as efficient battery storage.

San Raffaele Hospital and its I&R Campus in Segrate Municipality – Milan, Italy, is focused on balancing power and temperature levels of heat and electricity, and their transfer between remote PV plant and campus, and in between campus buildings.

Warta University Campus consists of three partners Poznan University of Technology, Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center and district heating operator Veolia, Poland.
Poznan pilot targets the optimization of specific balancing, simulations, cooperation with district heating operator and management of electric energy and heat including especially waste heat from data center.

An ad hoc intelligent system is being developed in RENergetic. By forecasting consumption and providing recommendations, inhabitants will be helped to optimize the use of available energy sources. This system supports the following functionalities:

Building Electricity Demand Response.
Electricity supply optimization.
Electric vehicle charge optimization.
Heat Demand Response.
Heat supply optimization.
Local waste heat optimization.

Do you want your city or district to become an urban energy island? RENergetic is also working on a replicability package, so that everyone can learn from our experience and implement your own case of an energy Island.

Learn more about our amazing project at and be part of our RENergetic community by following us through social networks!

RENergetic. Community-empowered Sustainable Multi-Vector Energy Islands


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