RENergetic Workshop Invitation

On 27th of October, RENergetic is going to present a workshop catered to all European DSOs and TSOs. Speakers from academia and industry will address the topics of energy-sharing practices in different states of the EU, provision of ancillary services by decentral actors and innovative data and communication resilient models. We cordially invite interested listeners from stakeholders […]

Introducing RENergetic Physical Installations

With the following resources, we are happy to present the RENergetic Physical Installations (PI), which serve as both visual representations of the EI concept and effective communication supporters. We will explore the idea behind RENergetic PIs and how they can be replicated and customized to suit various locations. Visualizing the EI Concept: RENergetic PIs are physical […]

Breaking the Barrier: Exploring Obstacles to Customer Engagement in Flexibility Markets

On May 9th the OneNet EU H2020 project, part of the energy flexibility community, hosted a webinar on Obstacles to Customer Engagement in Flexibility Markets. For RENergetic Dr. Sonja Klingert from University of Stuttgart sat on the virtual panel discussing with panelists Jörg Mühlenhoff, Senior Energy Policy Officer at BEUC and David Batič, Head of […]

Building of the Faculty of Architecture at PUT as real nZEB

The near-zero-energy building (nZEB) of the Faculty of Architecture (WAWIZ) at Poznan University of Technology was commissioned in mid-2020. The first year of operation fell during the most severe period of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, it has now been possible to collect and analyze data for the first year of energy consumption and production for […]

Success of an energy island

The modelling of the success of an energy island is carried out within three dimensions (technical, economic and social), which relate to the different perspectives towards energy islands already indicated in the RENergetic DoA. First, the technical dimension represents the energy island with all its possible energy sources and electricity/heat consumption elements, together with the […]

Digital energy communities as the key to the energy transition

K-Businesscom and Energie Kompass GmbH present a platform with a comprehensive offering for energy communities. Energie Kompass GmbH and K-Businesscom are pooling their expertise in the interests of regional sustainability. A new platform has been launched for energy communities. At, everyone who would like to participate in an energy community – municipalities, businesses, individuals […]

Scientific contribution from the RENergetic project – Multi-objective optimization and distributed voltage control

Developmement of algorithms and methods within the RENergetic project at University of Passau lead to scientific publications, among others “Multi-objective Flexibility Disaggregation to Distributed Energy Management Systems” at SIGEnergy Energy Informatics Review and “Max-consensus protocol to determine the regulated node in distributed voltage regulation” at the DACH+ Energy Informatics conference. The paper “Multi-objective Flexibility Disaggregation […]

RENergetic was presented at conference“Hydrogen as an opportunity for SMBs”

On May 17th Radek Górzeński has presented  “Energy island. Hydrogen utilization & nZEB buildings” at the conference “Wodór szansą dla MŚP” ( “Hydrogen as an opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses). The inaugural speech was given online by Ursula von der Leyen. The conference was organized in Poznan within The Central European Hydrogen Technology Forum H2POLAND […]

Energy & Utilities 2022 Forum of enerTIC in Madrid

On Thursday June 26th , Eduardo Vendrell and María Perez, attended the Energy & Utilities 2022 Forum of enerTIC in Madrid, on behalf of RENergetic. RENergetic is directly related to the theme of the conference. During the sessions that were held, we learned about the current trend in the Spanish market in relation to: More […]